Welcome to Amy’s Place, memory cafe and home of Caring Together in Hope.

Amy’s Place provides an opportunity for the family caregiver AND their loved one with dementia to socialize, learn and connect with those who share in the journey of caring for someone with dementia.



  • Amy’s Place is a gathering place for those with dementia and their caregivers.
  • We provide the opportunity for visitors to create new friendships.
  • Amy’s Place facilitates activities for the person with dementia.
  • We host a variety of social events for families.



  • Support groups meet here.
  • Amy’s Place serves as a Community Resource Center for caregivers.
  • Materials, tools, and resources are available through ongoing programming.
  • We host educational events by accredited providers and volunteers.

Community Involvement


  • We collaborate with local businesses that may provide resources and services to families.
  • We provide community outreach to raise awareness about dementia and to reduce the stigma often associated with dementia and caregiving.
  • Amy’s Place creates a “dementia friendly” community.

It is a pleasure to go there.

As the caretaker of my wife for a few years, I was looking for a place to be able to go where she would find a reason to laugh again and enjoy whatever time she has left. At no time did I imagine the joy that she would find there, and a new reason for living. She finds the love she needs, beside mine, and asks every day if we are going to ” the house ” Amy’s Place has created a new life for her. The atmosphere makes it easy to relax and enjoy being there. The people are great to deal with. It is a pleasure to go there.

– Norman Drutman

Accessibility and Hours

Amy’s Place is handicap-accessible and provides off-street parking.

We are open Monday – Friday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM with additional hours for special events.

“There are only four kinds of people in this world. Those who have been caregivers. Those who are currently caregivers. Those who will be caregivers. Those who will need caregivers.”

– Rosalyn Carter










Amy Wynn Norman

Caring Together in Hope formed Amy’s Place with a grant from the American Endowment Fund, in honor of Amy Wynn Norman. Amy was a friend, accomplished businesswoman, and caregiver throughout her life. She knew of the struggles and isolation many caregiving families endure when caring for a loved one. Amy’s Place honors Amy, who placed a high value on caring for the caregiver.