About Amy’s Place


Caring Together in Hope, a public charity whose mission is to advocate for and support the caregiver who assists those with dementia, created Amy’s Place with the assistance many individuals including Dr. Jytte Lokvig. Dr. Jytte Lokvig established the first cafe in 2008 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Dr. Lokvig is a nationally recognized Alzheimer’s Specialist with expertise in communication, alternative approaches, creative caregiving with over 20 years experience working with people with dementia.

The creator of the Memory Care Cafe’ is the Dutch psychiatrist, Dr. Bere Miesen. Dr. Miesen notice that talking about dementia was often taboo, even among family members. In 1977 he introduced the first (Memory Care) Alzheimer’s Cafe in the Netherlands, and since then this concept has spread throughout Europe.

Amy’s Place provides an opportunity for the family caregiver AND their loved one with dementia to socialize, learn and connect with those who share in the journey of caring for someone with dementia. Supporting caregivers can be a family member, friend, or hired assistant, and are welcome.

Amy’s Place also aims to reduce the stigma often associated with dementia, by offering educational events to the community. We invite you to participate and become a part of this community initiative, which will assist families with dementia.

Amy’s Place is…

  • A place to go when you’re not ready to go home (Visitors must sign a one-time liability waiver.)
  • A gathering place for caregivers to bring and stay with the memory impaired person(s) they care for
  • A place where trained volunteers engage the memory impaired
  • A place where access is limited to minimize the risk of wandering
  • Handicapped accessible
  • A place providing social support, networking and problem solving for caregivers
  • A place that provides onsite caregiver education materials
  • A place where caregivers can bring lunch, use the kitchen to make cookies, play the piano, read, watch a movie, play board games, use the internet
  • A place to document memories

Amy’s Place is not…

  • A gathering place for those not associated with Alzheimer’s/dementia
  • A place to drop off the memory impaired
  • A place for unmanageable, aggressive or belligerent behaviors
  • A day care
  • An assisted living facility
  • Café, restaurant, coffee house, or bar
  • Any type of business (barber, hairdresser, nail salon)
  • Medical facility
  • A place to collect research on the memory impaired and/or caregivers
  • Public parking for Roswell
  • A place with personal care
  • A place with sleeping accomodations